Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Merry Christmas
We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Tyler and Jack were so excited and so thankful for their gifts, it made the holiday so much fun.
On Christmas eve we have a tradition that the boy each get to open one present. This year Jack opened his gift from G&G H. he got the DVD Kung fu Panda. Tyler opened his biggest present because he was sure there were transformers in it, turns out it was a remote control car. After opening presents we all watched Kung fu Panda. It was a great night.
Christmas day was fun, Tyler was so excited that "Santa" came and brought him gifts. First the boys opened their stockings. Jack had two Nerf balls in his stocking, this was all he really needed to be happy. Tyler and Jack were both so happy with what they got, it was fun to see how happy, and appreciative they were for the gifts.
For breakfast we had sausage, eggs, waffles, and hash browns. Later we had a Turkey dinner.
We played inside all day because it rained all day, strange for AZ.
It was a great Christmas.
Mike was the toy box opener.

The boys with the presents Christmas morning.

The above picture is an example of what happens when you give your baby a marker to color with while you are trying to make dinner. Good thing I put him in his high chair.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I always have a hard time thinking of what to give Mike for Christmas. This year I decided to give him some photos to put in his office. We went to Kiddie Kandids, the boys were so difficult we had to do two sittings. Overall I think the pictured turned out good. I have a hard time with secrets so Mike already knows his gift.

Kiddie Kandids is giving out free 8x10 portraits right now. You can print a coupon out from their web site.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. We had a great Thanksgiving this year. We drove out to California to visit the Lauricella clan. All seven of Mikes brothers and sisters were together for the Holiday. Jack almost ruined our turkey, because he was playing with the stove knobs, and turned the oven on the wrong setting, luckily Carol caught it in time, and our dinner was saved.
The above photo is a picture of our boys at Lowes. We were buying paint to paint a shed for the Higleys. I wish every store had carts like these. Grocery shopping would never be the same.
On Friday Nov. 28Th Mike's brother Matt organized a family Olympics at the park. Tim and Jessica were the winners.

Grandma & Grandpa Lauricella spoiled the grand babies with Christmas gifts. We opened them so Grandma & Grandpa could enjoy watching the kids excitement. Tyler was in heaven. I can't wait for Christmas this year.