Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I just finished a jungle mural in a boys room. I think it turned out great. You can see more pictures on my mural blog (its on my side bar). This mural was fun because the boy I painted for was so excited, he even named all the animals. I had a good time painting it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tyler Turns Four
Tyler turned four years old on Wednesday. He was very excited for his birthday. We celebrated by getting him a big boy bike. Later we met our friends for cake at the park. It was so fun to get all the little boys together to play. Tyler had a great time.

Before Mike left for work he helped Tyler ride his new bike.

Every time we go to the park the boys race their big trucks around.
Colton got Tyler a bubble gun it shoots bubbles.

Primary Hike
A few Saturdays ago the kids from church went on a hike up South mountain. Everyone had a good time. We even saw a rattle snake. Tyler hiked the whole way only complaining a few times, once he told me "mom I need longer legs." Jack was great on the way back I felt his head hit the back of my neck, sure enough he was out cold. I realized that I really need to work out, and that hiking with a kid on your back is a whole new kind of work out. I was sore for a few days after.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Girls night out for my 30th B-day. Thanks ladies for the fun time. You are the best!

St. Patty's Day was a fun day. Jessica had a party at the park near her house. We all had a fun time, we pigged out on pizza and sugar cookies, played in the sand, swung the bat at the pinata (yes even Nate & Jack liked swigging the bat) and played catch with uncle Timmy. The boys were exhausted by the time we got home.

Our family celebrated my birthday last Saturday evening. We went to the country club for a little golf followed by dinner. Tyler and Jack loved driving the golf cart, and "golfing" with Mike. Dinner was excellent, we sat outside and enjoyed the views from the newly refurbished club house. The boys were so good, it made the evening truly a delight.

Friday, March 13, 2009

It is always a good time when Grandma and Grandpa are around. Grandma Sus and Grandpa Vance came to visit us last week. We all had a great time, hiking, shopping, eating, wrestling, and just talking. Tyler and Jack really enjoyed all the extra attention they received for a few days, and I enjoyed all the help.
Cowboy Spider man in Grandpa's boots. (Thanks for the early B-day present mom and dad. Tyler has been playing with it since you gave it to him.)

Ah sweet love.
Jack is our beverage guy. Rustlers Roost is always fun for the chilins.

Grandpa hasn't lost his ability for climbing a mountain like a billy goat, he could keep up with the best of them. Tyler loved hiking and has been begging me to take him ever since we went.
Grandmas are always the best at reading bed time stories. We loved having you here G&G H.

CRAZY FUN! It is always a fun time when a friend comes over to play, especially when camping in our front room.
Thanks for the trade Heather both days were fantastic.

Monday, March 2, 2009

For about 5 days Jack just wouldn't go to bed. I would put him in his crib and he would cry and cry and cry. I think he felt like he was being left out, so I put Tyler to bed at the same time as Jack, that helped one night, but not the next. Last night we decided to have the boys sleep in the bunk beds together (this would be Jacks first time in a big boy bed). They both did great Tyler was so sweet letting Jack sleep in his usual bed, and Jack went to bed without any crying. I guess Jack just wanted to sleep in a big boy bed like Tyler. Happy day I can take down the crib.