Sunday, April 19, 2009

Arizona Skies
I must say Arizona has some of the most beautiful skies. The majority of the time Az has sunny blue skies, these skies are great and never seem to get boring. Sunsets and sunrises in Az can take your breath away with the bright colors found in the sky. Rainy skies in Az are also very beautiful, we enjoy some of the best lighting storms I have ever seen, and frequently after a storm (which usually only last about an hour or so) the sun returns and creates a beautiful rainbow. Yes, Az has the most beautiful skies.

Easter was a blast this year, the Easter Bunny actually got her act together and brought baskets. This was the first year I planned any Easter activities, I put together baskets for the boys, and Mike hid Easter eggs in the backyard. Tyler & Jack seemed to enjoy the Ester traditions, they seemed to really enjoy hunting for eggs in the backyard. Holidays are much more exciting with kids around, they just get so excited over the smallest things. Children truly know how to enjoy life.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I decided on a new tradition for Easter, painting wooden eggs. I decided this would be a good tradition after Mike and I discussed how we don't like to eat hard boiled eggs. I decided it would be fun to paint eggs instead of dying then. This way we can keep the eggs the boys paint, adding to our collection every year. We painted the boys names and the year on the egg, for future references. Tyler and Jack had fun painting their eggs. Jack threw a fit when I tried to help him paint the lower half of his egg, so it is white. Tyler wanted to paint his egg black (his favorite color) he was careful to paint all the white spots so his egg would be completely covered.