Monday, July 13, 2009

The Test

I took the Test on Thursday, and I am the winner of...
-A new seven passenger vehicle (we found a four runner we like)
-Double D boobs for at least a year
-$5,000 in medical bills
- At least one year of sleepless nights
-The loss of sanity and brain due to feeding two
-3 months of nausea
-3-5 months of a bulging stomach
-Another 2-3 years of changing diapers
-Looking ugly for at least 4 months due to not fitting in any clothes
-Going through labor without any meds to save $1,000 plus
Am I excited? Yes. Am I ready? No (I was ready to wait another year)
Is Mike excited? surprisingly very excited.
I am praying that this is a nice little girl who never poops or cries (I know, keep dreaming)
The baby should be due in February

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lauricella weekend

We had a great 4th of July weekend. Mike's family came to visit, and attend baby Sam's blessing. We all had such a great time. Thursday Mike and big Craig went golfing, while the rest of the gang went to the Oasis water park. Tyler had a great time wrestling with Dino & Dom., and Jack actually loved playing in the water (this is a first for him). Friday the Boys went golfing again, while we stayed home and started our chip board books. Tyler tortured Dom. with his constant need for a play mate. Friday night was spent with the Gilbert Lauricella clan, we had a great BBQ (Mike makes the best burgers) it was hot so swimming was in the mix. Saturday was great we went over to Tim & Jessica's for a 4th of July party/birthday celebration for Nate (he turned 2 on the 7th). Jessica had great food and the cutest cookies and cake. Tyler enjoyed helping Nate open all his presents. Sunday was Sam's baby blessing it was nice, and fun for the family to all be together.

3 generations of Lauricella golfers

Cute little Nate loved playing in the water. Grandma Carol, gives Jack some loves.
Dino and Dom. were such good sports about playing with Tyler.