Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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We just returned from Utah on Friday the 25Th. We had a great time!! The weather was refreshing, the company was fantastic, and the activities were fun. I think that we are still recovering from playing so much.

Here are some of the highlights

-We played at the Children's tree house museum in Ogden. Definitely a place to visit if you are up that way. Following our trip to the musem Grandpa H. took us all for ice cream at Farr's.

-The girls had a day out to lunch and playing with kids. The guys went golfing. Grandpa Max is still the champ of the family, he should have gone pro.

-Mike Tyler and Julianne went to Lagoon and rode a few rides.

-Grandma Sus took us for a horse ride on the ponies. Tyler enjoyed feeding them carrots and brushing their tummies. Jack said weeee weee the whole time we rode.

-At Christianne and Jake's house the boys played with their cousins. I think Tyler is in love with their back yard and all the new toys.

- Sunday was My little Bro. Dave's missionary homecoming. It was fun to go to church and see all my old leaders from child hood.

-We went to our Johnson family reunion at the family cabin up Ogden canyon. It was fun to see My moms bros & sis. and all their kids. Tyler played and played with all the older boys.

-At the cabin we; pigged out on food, swung on the rope swing, played and tubed in the river, hunted for snakes and frogs, jumped on the tubes, watched movies (old family videos from when my mom was 2yrs old), played horse shoes, roasted marsh mellows, and just enjoyed being together.

- My sister Sally got the whole family tickets to the Days of 47 Rodeo at the Delta center. Tyler enjoyed watching the cowboys wrestle the cows.

-Last but not lest we went to the dinosaur park in Ogden. This was fun but hot.

Well that is about it. we had a great time and can't wait to go back. Thanks family for a fun time. We love you!

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