Friday, January 9, 2009

Today is going to be a crazy one. It is only 9:30am and I have already cleaned up 3 spills. Jack threw yogurt on the floor. I dropped the large tub of butter on the floor. while cleaning up the butter, Jack knocked a glass cup on the floor. I think its going to be a wild day.

On Tuesday the boys and I went and visited Tim and Jessica. We all had a great time. Jessica found this giant human hamster ball at Target, it is fabulous. Tyler had a blast rolling around in it. Jack was too scared to climb in with his wild brother. Nate was brave and I think he even enjoyed Tyler's wild behavior (he was giggling so hard). Thanks Tim and Jessica for the fun time.

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Harrison Hide Out said...

I feel your pain about the endless messes! Been there, done that. :-) I love that huge ball thing! It looks like so much fun!