Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's New

Mike started a new job about two weeks ago. Mike is focusing on plaintiff's class action lawsuits again. The change back to the the work he enjoys most seems to be a good one. Last weekend, we went to Scottsdale to see Mike's new office and help him hang pictures. Tyler and Jack loved playing under his desk and getting into his things.

For art class a few weeks ago, I had the students take impressions (using alginate donated by Dr. Pearson's office) of their own hands. We poured maleable plaster into the alginate casts creating a plaster hand of each student. I thought it would be fun to paint the hands creepy looking for Halloween. So we used acrylic paints, and painted spooky hands. I think my students really loved the project.
Maybe I'll take an impression of baby #3's hand when he is born. Then I will have a tiny mold of his perfect little hand.

This is my latest project. Baby #3 needed a dresser. So I've been looking for one for a few weeks. Nothing was the right color or price. I'm getting picky, and only want furniture that is solid wood, why buy something that is not going to last? Finally, I found a dresser on Craig'slist. A solid wood dresser made by Bassett for $130. Granted it was pretty old style and a ugly green color, but I sanded and painted it. Now it matches our existing bed perfectly. I couldn't be happier. I have already loaded 6 months worth of baby clothes into it
I think I might be nesting or something because I just have an itch to get things together around the house.
Can't wait to see you next week Mom and Dad; canning and camping should be fantastic! Love you and miss you.

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