Friday, January 15, 2010

Maternity photos

My friend Heather Lewis took some maternity photos for me. I really wanted something light soft and motherly. I think she did just that, these pictures are just what I wanted. Since this will most likely be our last baby, I wanted to have something to remember pregnancy. I wanted something to help me remember the amazing moment of feeling our baby move for the first time. The tender times my two older boys kiss my stomach and tell their new sibling they love him. The way Tyler's eyes light up when he feels the baby move. I love being a mom. It is such a miracle, and intimate thing to be able to bring a child of God to earth.
We can't wait to meet our new little wonder.

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Arizona Lewis Photography said...

don't worry. i'll work on the rest when i get a chance. you're so beautiful! the pictures are amazing.