Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby Andrew

Here Christianne, stop pestering me for photos.
Andrew Callan was born on Tuesday March second at 4:10pm. He was 7lbs 15oz 21in long. I gave birth naturally without any pain medication. It was an intense experience, I'm glad that I did it. Mike is the best at telling all about our labor and delivery, his perspective was a little different than mine (much more funny). Mike was a great coach and very supportive. I could not have done it without him.
After arriving home last night Tyler looked at my fat belly and said "We are having another baby?" I guess I still look pregnant. :) I will post more photos when I take some.


Christianne said...

Thanks for the photos! I've been dying to see them! He is SO cute! Like a typical aunt I just want to kiss those cute little cheeks! Congrats and love you guys lots!

Melissa L. said...

Awww, he's adorable! :) Congrats!!

Tiff G. said...

He's adorable! He's his own little dude, not really a mini Tyler or Jack. Have fun w's kinda crazy :)

Marshall Mayhem said...

SO cute! Congratulations! Hopefully we'll get to see you this summer and get to check this little guy out in person!