Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lions Tigers and Bears, oh and a Elephant

Last night we went to the circus. We all had a great time. This was my first circus experience, I felt like a big kid. We saw a lion tamer, who tamed 2 tigers 1 white tiger, and 2 lions, the trapeze artists, a three ring circus with 2 jugglers, and a gymnast, camels and horses, motorcycles in the round cage, a guy who stacked and balanced on chairs and lots of clowns. the lion tamer reminded me of Hulk Hogan, maybe it was the hair.
Tyler and Jack tasted cotton candy for the first time. They LOVED it.

Jack rode the ponies, and Tyler rode on the elephant. Jack loves playing with Andrew, he always gives him lots of hugs and kisses. What a nice big brother.

I love my cute little family.

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