Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Here are some projects I recently finished. 
I started the oil painting over 6 months ago.  I painted it for my mom in law, thought I better finish so I can give it to her over Thanksgiving (deadlines are good motivation for me).
The table is a sewing table I found at Goodwill only $15.00.  It needed a little paint.  I still need to put my machine in it.
My thankful tree was inspired by my sis in law Gina, it is an advent calendar for Thanksgiving.  It is made on a magnet board, every day you put a leaf on the tree and say what you are thankful for.


Marshall Mayhem said...

I love the thankful tree idea! I'll have to start on that now so it will be ready for next year hahah :) I love your projects! you are so talented! Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa L. said...

You. Are. Amazing. :)