Friday, May 29, 2009

Life is Just Peachy
Today the boys and I went out to Schnepf farms to pick peaches. I have been craving these Delicious babies for a few weeks now. I decided I better hurry if I wanted to grab fresh Az peaches, since peach season will be ending at the the end of the month. I was a little disappointed in the size of these peaches, (I guess I was expecting Dr. Brog's Utah peaches) but after eating a couple my disappointment disappeared. These little babies are so juicy and sweet. It was worth the long drive to get them. I will definitely pick me fresh peaches again next year.

Tyler and Jack sampled them while we picked, I think Tyler probably ate 3-4 peaches while we were picking them.

The trip tired Jack out, this picture was taken at 9:20am. (see the peach juice on his lips)

We finished off our trip out west with a visit with our new cousin Sam. Sam is so sweet and tiny, it makes me want another baby (well almost).

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Christianne said...

Yum!!!!!!!!! That makes me want some peaches too! But it's still a bit too early for Utah peaches...maybe I really do need to come for a visit...if only it wasn't so HOT there already. :-)