Thursday, May 7, 2009

Only one day left of Preschool. I'm very sad, Tyler has enjoyed his class so much. I created a little scrap book for his two teachers, it turned out cute. Each child in his class colored a picture, and said why he/she liked their teacher. I hope his teacher will like it.

Tuesday was hat day at preschool. Mike was nice enough to let Tyler wear one of his golf visors. Tyler thought he was hot stuff. I think he looks pretty cute, a little mini Mike.

Sunday was a nice day for flying a kite, just enough breeze, unfortunately our kite was cheep and only made it in the air one time. The boys thought it was fun, and really cool. Since then Mike bought us a better kite, now we need a cool breeze.
The following picture is very nerdy but I like it, it makes me smile and laugh. Tyler is such a happy child, I love his sweet content spirit. This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, our pool is still cold, but that doesn't stop Tyler from jumping in.This is as far a Jack wanted to get in the water. Maybe in time he will learn to love the water like Tyler. As for now the only water he wants to get in is bath tub water, and even that can be a fight at times.

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