Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Needed a Change
Sometimes in life there are times when every woman feels like a fat cow who is obsessed with food. Well my time is now. I am only about 11-12 weeks prego, and I am already feeling fat, I guess my body knows what to do and is doing it. Last week I just needed a change so I decided to color my hair. I was tired of being a blond, and wanted to go back, or go closer to my natural color ( blond is too much maintenance). Here is the outcome, I'm happy and feel pretty.

I had a trip to the Dr's office a few weeks ago, all is well. Only one baby with a strong heart beat and a wiggly little body. Ultrasounds are the best. The due date is Feb. 28th 2010


Steph Bowen said...

I think your hair looks lovely!

Christianne said...

Your hair looks GREAT cute sis!! And don't worry about the fat cow thing...it'll get better in about 9 to 10 months. :-)

ArizonaLewis said...

so pretty. the color makes your AMAZING freckles pop. I absolutely love it!