Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phoenix Children's Museum

Last week we went to the Phoenix Children's Museum with the Ryans, the day was full of fun and adventure. Tyler, Jack R. and Jack M. played so hard and had so much fun together. The museum was a so fun, three levels of non stop things for little tykes to touch and explore. I'm sure we will be back in the future.

Sons of Anarchy look out its Tyler, Jack and Jack.

Jack loved digging in these seeds, he played here for at least 10 minutes, until moving onto the next station.The museum has a room full of swimming noodles hanging from the ceiling, you can run, swim through them, it is so cool. Jack loved the noodles, the above picture was taken as he was running out of all the noodles.

A day well spent for sure. Both boys were tired and took afternoon naps :).

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