Thursday, September 17, 2009

The last 2 weeks

For the last 2 weeks the boys and I have been down at the stake center painting sets for The Savior of the World production (you can purchase tickets at . Thursdays I have been lucky enough to have my great art students helping me. I also have my talented friend Melinda helping as well which has been nice.

These are the steps to the temple in Jerusalem (not yet finished). There will be 5 marbled pillars on the upper level, I hope to finish marbling those tomorrow.

These are my great art students, (the kids over age of 11) they have been such a great help, hope they have learned something in the process.

Mike purchased a Harley! Still waiting for my ride, Mike said he wants to practice riding before he gives rides, probably not a bad idea. To ease my mind Mike promises to always wear a helmet ( we will see how long that lasts).

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