Monday, April 14, 2008

These are the Reasons we love living in Arizona! (not in Order)

1-Where else could you have a view like this from your backyard. We have it all the golf course, a pool, grass, a waterfall. Its perfect.

2-It's is sunny here every day! Even on the days that it rains the sun comes out.

3- Year round golfing for Mike and Tyler. Granted in the summer you have to get up early or sweat it out, but you can still go.

4-It is beautiful. It may not be lush and green, but the desert has its own beauty. I love the bright colors of the bogaveas, and lantanas, and palm trees sound awesome in the wind.

5-In the spring you can smell the citrus, and jasmine trees, they are intoxicating.

6-The sunsets here are so colorful. They take your breath away. I love to walk the boys in the evenings so we can enjoy all the bright colors in the sky.

7-NO SNOW!! We never have to shovel snow, wear heavy coats, worry about getting snow in our shoes, or getting in a car accident on the way to work.

8- Because there is no snow, you can wear sexy little sandals all year long.

9- We have great shopping! Lots of unique stores.

10- Great food. You can get some of the most authentic Mexican food here. Downtown is full of tasty Mom and Pop places to eat.

11- There are people from all over the country here. It is almost rare to find a native Arizonan. I like the diversity.

12-We have met some awesome people and made some fabulous friends here.

13- We have great pro. sports teams. Mike loves the Suns. What a great team!!

14-We can go swimming year round (if the pool is heated).

15-There is a lot of recreational activities to do hiking, biking, swimming, boating, Salt river tubing, climbing, golfing, horseback riding, tennis etc.... you can do almost all of these year round.

Well those are some of the reasons we love it here and don't want to ever leave. Have I convinced you to stay, visit or move?

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T.J.R. said...

Ditto on the shoes. I sport "sexy sandals" at work constantly.