Saturday, April 26, 2008

World's Best Mom & Grandma

Well I know it's not quite Mother's Day, but as I was rocking my little Tyler to sleep tonight and I couldn't help but think of my mother. I have the world's best mother. I know this is what everyone says, but she has been the best mom for me. Mom you have taught me so much. You have helped to mold me into who I am today. You taught me patience. I can rarely remember you losing your patience (except for throwing a cup at my head once, but I did instigate that). You are kind and non judgmental. I have never heard you judge another. You are always kind and tolerant of others. You are faithful. You have always had faith, and have shown me how to act on faith. You are obedient, as grandma Sal says, you have never done anything wrong. You are like a rock, I have never seen you do anything unworthy of a mother (except call David a little shit). You are creative and talented. Thanks for always sewing for us, from barbie clothes to prom dresses you were always willing to spend your time and talents helping us. Thanks for helping to teach me your talents as well. You are a comforter. I can remember when I was a child, at times I had a hard day at school, you would rock me in the orange rocker. I always felt so much better about life when you would hold me. Even now, I call you when I just need someone to listen to me. You are positive. Thanks for having such a positive outlook on life. You always told us that we choose our attitude. Thanks for showing us how to chose wisely. You are a family cook. I say family because I can remember as a child you always managed to cook dinner for the family. We always ate together as a family. I realize this is no small task. You are a friend. Thanks for being a friend. You are someone I can confide in, someone I can talk to when I need someone, someone to teach, and share. I could go on-and-on but I think the other blog readers are getting sick of me. I just want everyone to know how great you are. I LOVE YOU MOM!! thanks for helping me become who I am.
What a great Grandma, always willing to help with the rascals even when they are sick and teething.

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Sally said...

I totally agree!!! She is the worlds best MOM!!!