Saturday, April 5, 2008

Today was an exciting day for Tyler. He got his first set of clubs. When we went to the golf store he could hardly contain himself. You could just see the excitement in his little body. Like a kid in a candy store. He wanted to touch everything and try out all the clubs. There was an area of the store with a driving range and some sand, other kids were playing in the sand, but not Tyler he wanted to smack balls on the driving range.

These are his new clubs. Mike took the family to the range to hit balls. We all had a good time.

Even Jack enjoyed himself. Crawling around on the grass, and getting into Tyler's basket of balls. (Tyler didn't like that much)

Coach Mike is great at helping Tyler. I love to watch the two of them hitting balls together, its so cute.


ArizonaLewis said...

He looks like such a big boy with those clubs. Mike's going to make him into a little pro!

Tiff G. said...

Oh my gosh how cute! Tyler is a mini-mike and those mini clubs are awesome!